Hydraulix Process Mixing Systems feature a unique double nozzle design which allows for even energy distribution. This process optimizes solids suspension and contact to promote efficiency in a wide range of wastewater and bio-fuels applications:

  • Anaerobic DigestionHydraulix
    • Mesophylic, Thermophylic, & Hydrolysis (acid phase)
  • Aerobic Digestion 
    • Offering 70% reduction in aeration design
  • Bio Solids Storage
    • Designed to operate on an intermittent basis to suspend settled material and produce consistent feed concentrations to dewatering systems, optimizing power consumption and chemical feed costs
  • Blend Tanks
    • Consistent feed rates to dewatering, reducing power and optimizing chemical consumption
  • Water Treatment Filter Backwash Tanks
    • Allows for the suspension of settled lime or alum sludge
  • Storm Water Excess Flow Tanks, Shafts or Tunnels
    • Suspends settled organic and inorganic solids to reduce cleaning costs
  • Assisting Secondary Treatment
    • Incorporates additional mixing for secondary treatment systems to suspend organic material that has settled and leads to potential process problems
  • Chemical Storage
    • Perfect application for specialized chemical process waste tanks
  • Anoxic Zones
    • Requires only one pump to reduce maintenance and capital costs
  • Fertilizer Storage
    • Resuspends crystallized fertilizer
  • Equalization Tanks
    • Suspends settled material to assure valuable organic material returns to the process and significantly reduces clean-up cost

Global Bio-Fuels Technology Global Bio-Fuels Technology offers over 50 years of combined process design expertise, 30 years of combined service of construction management and over 100 years of combined process experience, assuring our customers the greatest attention to detail. In addition, with 10 years of experience in the growing European Bio-fuels market, Global Bio-Fuels Technology leads the way in using innovative design and process initiatives