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Meeting the storage demands for the Bioenergy sector.

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Greatario is meeting the storage demands for the reneweable energy sector.

When components and options for state of the art Bioenergy Storage Solutions are needed, turn to Greatario for biomass and digester tanks, aluminum domes and specialty covers.

Greatario can provide the data and information required to make the right tank coating and cover technology for any BioEnergy application.

  • Complete line of storage tanks and covers for anaerobic digesters
  • Storage tanks and silos for biofuels
  • Storage silo and reclaimer systems for biomass handling
  • Custom engineered to meet developer specifications
  • Extensive types of process solutions

Glass-Fused-to-Steel and Factory Epoxy Coated Tanks have been used in Bioenergy systems for over 30 years. The unique design of these bolted tanks also easily adapts to hybrid designs that may include galvanized or uncoated steel. This allows use of the strength of the coating system that is right for the job. 

Applications include:

Biogas – Digesters, Hot liquids, Water, Wastewater, and others
Ethanol – Fermenters, Beerwells, Yeast, Stillage, Syrup, Ethanol terminal, Water, Wastewater and others
Biodiesel – Vegetable oils, Animal oils, Glycerin, Grease, Biodiesel, Water, Wastewater and others

Greatario’s Bioenergy Storage Solutions include the industry’s best cover options for biomass, biogas and digester tank applications. We can provide the appropriate design to address key factors including corrosiveness, mixer loads, pressure, vacuums or other ancillary equipment loads.


The proper storage solution for Biofuels requires careful evaluation of all the components that go into the tank and cover.

Biofuel Storage from Greatario


Greatario builds the best storage tanks and covers designed specifically to perform in digester processes.

Anaerobic Digestor System for Wastewater

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