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Composite Elevated Tank

Elevated Storage doesn’t have to drain your maintenance budget

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When it comes to manufacturing and installing a strong, reliable Composite Elevated Tank, Greatario offers one of the best values for the invested money.

Greatario’s Composite Elevated Tanks (CET) are available with overflow elevations in excess of 200 feet high. They are installed to meet system head pressure requirements. Our reservoir composite elevated tanks are used in the water distribution system to satisfy demand in periods of high water usage. Greatario tanks provide storage capacity for almost any system up to 3 million gallons (11,370 m) capacities.

Proven Designs

Greatario has been professionally and safely designing and manufacturing CETs using a combination of long-recognized and widely accepted industry standards and guidelines. Sound, experienced engineering judgment in conjunction with standards, experience, R&D, testing and/or empirical results make up the good design of our composite elevated tanks.

Fast Construction

Since all of Greatario’s CETs are manufactured using factory-coated tanks, construction is faster. While field welded tanks have to wait for the weather to be within certain restrictions in order to paint, our tank construction schedule is almost never delayed by weather. As a result, our CETs can usually be constructed in 2/3 the time of a conventional field welded CET. This quick erection time and avoidance of most weather-related delays means our projects finish on time more often and our customers ROI begins sooner.

Low Maintenance

When we say “Ultra Low” maintenance we mean almost maintenance free. When your CET is built with a GREATARIO glass-fused-to-steel tank and a concrete pedestal you are getting an elevated tank solution that is constructed from some of the most durable tank and structural products in the market. Maintenance on a glass-fused-to steel tank is generally limited to inspections and replacing the cathodic protection anodes every 10 – 12 years, and neither procedure requires the tank to be taken out of service for prolonged periods of time. These costs are $100,000’s less than that for repainting a welded tank.


Why pay for the cost and time of building a new tank as your water needs expand. GREATARIO’s jack built, top down construction method makes it easy to expand your existing tank when the foundation and pedestal are designed upfront with expansion planned for in the future. Because the lower rings of the tank are constructed last, the addition of future heavy rings at the bottom of the tank to accommodate expansion is easy and quick.

Logos and Decorations

Aesthetics are important and having a built-in billboard is a good thing to leverage. Displaying the proud heritage of a town’s logo or using the space for commercial advertising, simple and intricate logos can be included with your tank order. For long term durability, many logos can be glassed into the tank so they can be proudly displayed for the entire life of the tank and will look as if they were almost newly applied for the life of the glass coating.

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