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Greatario - IXOM Partnership

Big News for Canadian Water Quality

Great News for Canadian Water / Waste Water Operators

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Big news for canadian water quality

March 1, 2021 – Greatario Engineered Storage Solutions, the leading provider of complete turn-key liquid storage solutions, is pleased to announce we are now Canada’s exclusive IXOM Watercare product distributor. This partnership combines the experience of 35 years providing potable and wastewater storage, with the trusted brands from IXOM including GridBee™, SolarBee™, ResidualHQ™ and AerationPlus™. Greatario will be Canada’s one-stop to solve water quality issues, such as potable water stagnation and tank stratification, THM & VOC removal, controlling wastewater odour, improving wetwell mixing, activated sludge mixing, lagoon and raw water quality and more.

Since 1986, Greatario has been Canada’s choice for the design, building and maintenance of glass-fused-to-steel, bolted liquid storage tanks. We are a family-owned, customer-oriented company, who prides ourselves on finding the best value solution for our customers’ unique applications. Our experience with liquid storage gives us a unique perspective on water quality issues faced by municipalities and industries across Canada.

IXOM, a global leader in water treatment and pre-treatment, acquired Medora Environmental, last year.  Medora had long been known as the market leader in source water management solutions and for their highly regarded GridBee™ and SolarBee™ line of mixing products. They draw on knowledge and experience from multiple water quality disciplines into every project to solve real-world problems for real-world people.

Jeff Rodger, Director of Sales for Greatario, said “We are honoured to be recognized by IXOM Watercare as having the experience and national coverage for technical sales support, installation and service of all IXOM solutions.” He went on to add that Greatario has been supplying customers with IXOM solutions for years with great success. This announcement further strengthens our position as a leader in Canadian water storage and water care.

As regulations on both potable and wastewater quality tighten, owners and operators demand proven, cost-effective solutions. One of the benefits of Greatario becoming the exclusive dealer is the ability to offer a Free Trial program for IXOM products, including the popular GridBee™ and AP™ mixing line. The trial program lets customers see first-hand how effective the products are for their specific application.

Our website has been updated to include detailed information on this new product line. There are a series of videos explaining the needs and benefits of mixing, as well as a variety of related topics. The videos are the easiest way to understand the products and their specific applications. Visitors to the site can also see before and after pictures from previous success stories, download brochures and contact our knowledgeable team.

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