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Experience the Kaikoura Whales

Driving north from Christchurch for two and a half hours brings you to one of the best whale watching spots in the world. Kaikoura, one of the very few places in the world where sperm whales can be easily found, is located on the east coast of South Island. Set on the coastline, with a backdrop of towering mountains, the town looks out over the sea that is alive with marine activity.

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Sperm whales populate the waters off Kaikoura all year making this area one of the most popular destinations in the world for visitors seeking the whale watching experience of a lifetime. A deep underwater canyon and an abundance of marine life provide a great habitat for these incredible mammals.

Although sperm whales are seen in the waters year round, other whales visit the waters here on their migratory route. The great Orca, or killer whale, can be spotted from December to March while the majestic humpback can be sighted during July and August. In addition, Pilot whales, Southern Right whales, and Blue whales often use these waters as a rest station during their travels. The waters are also home to the elusive Hectors dolphin, the world's most rare and smallest dolphin.

Tour operators in the area offer a wide range of viewing options with their accent on providing an awe inspiring experiences for their customers. A couple of companies provide viewing from an airplane or helicopter. This type of viewing gives you a real perspective on the size of these creatures. They are massive!

If viewing by sea is your pleasure, there are several companies that can accommodate you. Some like Whale Watch Kaikoura Ltd have boats built for the specific purpose of giving their passengers the ultimate whale watching adventure. During tours, knowledgeable guides tell you about the whales you encounter, including the names if they are resident whale. In addition, if you are fortunate enough to see the playful Dusky dolphin and the gravely threatened Hectors dolphin, the guide will relate information on them.

For whale watching, there really is no other place like Kaikoura to have an incredible whale experience.

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