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How to work with your Creative Flow

Rather than believing you are hindered by your own internal self-critic, begin reprogramming that destructive voice. So, instead of saying, "I'll never be able to learn all this." why not restate it to say, "This project will take me some extra time now, but what I learn will be amazing!". There are few strategies more powerful than the daily practice of being positive and looking at challenges with excitement.

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When are you most Creative and why?

As you begin to work within your creative flow and give the inner artist some room to play, notice what sparks your inspiration. Sometimes just looking at showcases of photography, or viewing pieces of art, or going for a walk in a peaceful environment will be enough to break the emotional and mental blocks to your productivity. Yet, as you move forward, start to find the triggers that block your creativity, work around them, be patient with yourself and your artistic growth as you take note of the way in which your inspiration and productivity integrate to produce art. Journaling, whether it is a daily journal of ideas, a dream journal or a journal/sketchbook, will help you focus on your inner growth and embrace the artistry.

Strategies to maintain your Creative Flow

Here are a few ideas that have helped me maintain a creative flow and access my sources of inspiration over the years.

  1. Library of inspiration build a digital library of your work, links to showcases of artwork, collections of experiments or elements you have used before, or links to your favourite artists or designers.
  2. Practice being creative do something everyday that inspires you, whether it is noticing colour and light, doing artwork, taking photos, working with graphics or writing down your ideas
  3. Live in a constant flow of learning, embracing the "just-in-time" learning model and learn something new with every project
  4. Take pride in your work and don't be afraid to exhibit your talent
  5. Experiment with your approaches to projects, methods you have never tried before and realize that this approach is never a waste of time, particularly if you find a new avenue to your artistry.

There is nothing like working in a flow of creativity where you apply your inspiration to projects and feel that amazing emotional fulfillment of producing something beautiful. Today is a good day to begin your creative journey to find your inner artist and the paths to your inspiration.

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