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Secure Your Blog With WordPress Security Keys

Inserting these keys is a simple copy and paste job using file manager and code editor in Cpanel. The first thing you should do is to copy your wp-config.php file to your computer in an easy to find location, just in case you make a mistake and mess it up, so you will be able to restore it easily.

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Next you should use the random key generator WordPress provides to generate a set of keys for you, this is more secure than making up your own. Then using code editor in Cpanel simply paste them in the proper lines and click save changes.

You can also do this by FTP if you prefer by downloading the file to your computer, editing it and uploading it back to your server, replacing the existing file. Either way I always recommend making a copy of the wp-config.php file before doing any editing, just to be safe. If you are not familiar with doing this stuff you probably should get someone to do it for you, as you can easily crash your blog with a simple mistake.

You do not have to remember these keys, you simply paste them in once and that's all there is to it, If you we're logged into your WordPress site, then you will be asked to log back in again.

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