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How I Met Professor Froggie

I write stories, fairy tales, poems, and programs . Those who write as you know, like to travel and collect the most inspirational images, look out over different scenes and overhear scraps of conversations for their stories. Other people may also like to travel, the difference being that writers often travel virtually, that is, in their imagination

So, once I was traveling (no matter how physically or imaginary way) from Israel, let's say to Hawaii. It was my first cruise ever and I was very much excited. When I returned to my small but comfortable cabin after exploring all ten decks of the cruiser, I was deadly tired and expected to fall asleep immediately.

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It didn't happen! There was something, some tiny annoying throaty sound coming from a corner of my cabin that didn't let me go to sleep! It went on and on, kind of Croak-croak-croak and it was so sad and unhappy that my heart sank immediately. Finally, my tiredness took over my curiosity and pity and I fell asleep the next second.

In the morning, the first thing I did was to look in every corner of my cabin, but I couldn't find anything or anybody that could make that Croak-croak sound. A cricket? Maybe

The next night, exactly the same thing happened. But this time it was like Ribbit-ribbit-ribbit and it was so much sadder and even more miserable that I couldn't sleep all night.

With the first rays of dawn, I ran out of the cabin and rushed to the deck-maid. Together we searched through the entire cabin but didn't find anything or anybody. With many apologies the maid left looking kind of strangely at me. As for me I was left with the feeling that corresponded with her look!

But it didn't disappoint me a bit. On the contrary, it assured me that something or someone (?) was sending me these signals, maybe as a last call for help. So, full of determination to find out everything, I settled myself comfortably in a cozy armchair and ordered two cups of the strongest coffee. Then I put on my best glasses and began to prepare some treats, as I already knew I was going to encounter a guest: I put together small pieces of cheese, apple slices, and bread crumbs (you never know!) on a plate.

Pretty soon it began again, but this time it was something like Gar-gor-gar-gor! Slowly I put the plate with the treats on the floor. Suddenly the sound changed: it was a happy Kwa-kwa! now accompanied with Good evening, Madam! pronounced with a strange accent in a weak voice. And only then I noticed a little movement under another armchair.

Oh, my God! A froggie! A tiny frog with an orange cap on his head and a rucksack on his back, all shaky and frightened In one of his hands, he was holding a butterfly net. We made eye contact, and a sparkle of understanding and something bigger than that enlightened the air. A frog-polyglot! He was trying to tap into my heart in different frog languages used by different people in different countries. He was cold and hungry and I was deaf

Well, I WAS! But now, in a voice hoarse from excitement I bravely said Kwa-kwa! (at least it was familiar to me). He gave me his charming smile and bravely hopped onto my palm

After he had eaten we began to talk; he spoke English, at the beginner level. He shared with me his dream: to involve as many froggies and kids as he could in learning one common language for them, English, in order to speak and play together, understand each other, be happy and make friends!

I was so surprised by the wisdom and farsightedness of this young gentleman that I immediately gave him my hand, my heart and all the help he needed.

Since then, we have become friends and hop together helping young froggies and kids around the world to acquire this wonderful language of friendship!

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