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10 Ways to Use Twitter for Your Small Business

Did you think Twitter was only for comedians, big brands and Justin Bieber fans? On the contrary, it can be quite a powerful tool for a small business owner if you know how to use it to your advantage.

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There are plenty of reasons why.

For one, Twitter has more than 500 million users! Imagine the huge chunk of your target audience that is a part of this demographic. And since Twitter let's you connect directly with your customers, it's the best way to find out what they are thinking of your brand. Also, there's no better way to solve their problems than with a real-time response. Twitter can help you provide the ideal customer service.

But plenty of businesses join Twitter and fail to make it work. Accounts fall dead within months. You can do better, if you follow some simple strategies. Here are 10 key tips for making your tweets expand your target audience and raise conversion rates.

1. Organize your 'follow' lists

There will be many people you follow on Twitter for the purpose of your business. These will be customers, suppliers, competitors and peers. If you've been around for a while, you'd have plenty of names on your 'following' list.

So, how do you ensure you don't miss anything important from any of them? Create lists. Twitter will let you create plenty of lists. Separate your contacts into lists for Customers, Social Media Mentors, Industry Peers, and Professional Organization Members etc.

Feel free to create any list you think relevant. In this way, you can follow news from each group, and decide what you want to listen to. It's possible to create as many as 20 lists, with at most 500 accounts in each.

2. Build a Conversation List

Twitter can be great if you're following people who inspire you. So, choose who you want to focus on. Build a private conversation list. Add to it people who you enjoy talking to, without ignoring anyone else. You can have a public or private list, and go ahead and listen to the people that matter to your business.

3. Create a Buzz-worthy Profile Picture

Your Twitter profile picture is what accompanies your Tweets to customers and industry peers. It gives you a chance to create a brand association in the minds of people who follow you. Be sure to keep your profile picture updated.

Also, choose the image cleverly. Your business logo may be beautiful at full size, but not suitable for the tiny Twitter picture square. Don't crop your logo to fit it's unprofessional; if the logo text is illegible it's pointless instead, find an image that matches the text and use that. A headshot is the best option people connect with faces.

4. Pay attention to Visual Branding

Change the visual design of your Twitter page to reflect your brand image. You're allowed to customize the colors and look of your profile page. You can also create a custom background for the page. People want to connect with a unique personality, the 'face' behind your brand.

5. Craft a Great Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio must tell your business story in a brief text message of 160 characters. That has to artful to be effective. Your bio should inform people about what you do and how you can help them, in an individual 'voice'. This is the voice or tone that should match the personality you are trying to portray through your brand image.

6. Have a Landing Page

If you feel you need more than 160 characters to tell your followers about you, create a landing page. Usually, people link to their website or blog from their Twitter bio. You can create a special landing page for Twitter alone; this is a page you could have on your website which will greet your Twitter followers.

This page could contain a message from you, details on what you offer, the subjects of your tweets, how your followers can become customers etc. Make sure you keep it short and appealing!

7. Change Your Follow Strategy

Make sure that you are following real people. Yes, there are plenty of bots out there with Twitter accounts who clog up your stream with automated messages. You definitely don't want that.

So here's how you make sure you're not following any bots (it's not always easy to tell).

First, don't follow everyone that follows you. Don't follow anyone with a typical Twitter default 'egg' as their profile picture. This means the account doesn't have a valid profile picture, and may be a bot.

Check their number of followers. The greater is the number the more the chances of them being real people. Review their tweets if they are quotes or a single tweet sent to many people in a short time; it's most likely to be a bot.

These are a few Twitter tips to get your business profile cleaned up and active. Be sure to post great content regularly to keep your readers coming back, try some social media monitoring tools such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite to monitor your ROIs, be a little patient, and watch as you eventually begin to generate leads.

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