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Serious medical consequences of the use of alcohol.

Serious medical consequences of the use of alcohol, such as heart damage, brain damage, and liver damage, are more likely in women than in men. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recently reported that women more easily achieve high levels of blood alcohol, and are at greater risk for the damage that alcohol does to the major organs. In addition, they are also more vulnerable to injury resulting from drinking related traffic accidents. Alcohol abuse also puts women at higher risk for being the victim of physical violence and rape.

Some of the differences are due to different metabolism between the genders, but there are other factors that are as yet unknown. What is known is that women develop alcohol induced liver damage in a shorter amount of time than men do, and after consuming less alcohol. Women are also more likely to die from cirrhosis.

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Alcohol induced brain damage is also more of a risk for women than for men, according to studies using magnetic resonance imaging. Among heavy drinkers, women are also at greater risk of heart muscle disease associated with alcohol, despite the fact that women use 60% less alcohol than men on average over a lifetime.

Additionally, heavy drinking has been associated with higher risk for breast cancer, though drinking up to one drink per day does not appear to increase the risk. When it comes to traffic crashes, women are less likely to drive drunk than men, but they are more likely to be involved in an alcohol related crash if they do drive after drinking.

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