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8 Steps To Multiplying Website Traffic With Offline Tactics

While it can take time and effort to learn to get the attention of offline customers, you will find that these 8 steps to multiplying website traffic with offline tactics will be something you can put to good use especially if you have an online business.

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There are no shortages of methods you can use for your efforts in getting the attention of offline customers. Therefore, you should find a few of these methods that you are motivated to stick with and go for it.

I've always been interested in Internet Marketing and the amazing opportunities it affords people, so when I started thinking about it, circumstances we're such that, I had used several of these tactics to get the attention of offline customers.

I figured you might be interested so, it made me want to share them with friends like you. Once you go through these tips and stick with the ones that will benefit your business the most, you'll find that word of mouth and being present was well worth your time.

Step #1 Print Business Cards

One of the most obvious tips is printing business cards. Business cards are great tools that can be used in many different ways. You can hand them out, leave them at local stores and even send them with orders.

Step #2 Networking Business Groups

The second tip is equally helpful for the online entrepreneur. Join a networking group especially if you have products to sell. I did well when I had physical products to sell that dealt with your health. You will get exposure for your products even if they are software products.

Step #3 Sponsor A Sports Team

Number three on the list is sponsor a sports team. Local non-school associated sports teams rely on sponsors to fund their programs. In exchange for sponsoring the team you get your business name displayed on their uniforms. It is a great trade off.

Step #4 Church Bulletin

This fourth tip is inexpensive and the whole congregation sees it in the church bulletin. Church bulletins are well read and they are a great place to get your business name published. You should contact the pastor to see how you can get your business name in the bulletin.

Step #5 Print Tee Shirts

Lets assume that you are new to this idea, why not incorporate this tip into your plans. Printing tee shirts are great advertising tools. Think about how many times you have stopped to read someones tee shirt. Now think about how amazing that could be for your business?

Step #6 Printing Pamphlets

While you will have to decide if this is right for you, take a look at printing pamphlets, which allows you the luxury of putting all of the pertinent information in an easy to read package, all in one place.

People usually don't mind taking a pamphlet and looking it over. Plus it is a nice reminder of your URL and business name. It may just prove to be exactly what you need to focus your attention on.

On the other hand, pamphlets can be expensive, so it would depend on whether or not your audience would read them or throw them out. I don't take pamphlets unless I'm interested in the subject.

Step #7 Posting Ads On Bulletin Boards

This can be a hit or miss kind of thing depending on where the bulletin board is placed. In my experience, bulletin boards are great for posting items to sell. Don't forget about your target market.

Places of business or colleges would be great places to post ads. Bulletin boards are underused tools. They are simple to use and free. Post a flyer on one for a boost in sales and subscribers. Make sure you get permission, though, and follow the rules to get things underway for yourself.

Step #8 Developing An Offline Affiliate Program

The list keeps growing I know, but all of the information I'm sharing can really make a difference in the growth of your business. Developing an offline affiliate program could be beneficial.

Affiliate programs are not just used for online purposes. If you have a product that can be easily carried around and shown to others then you can devise an offline program.

This list could go on and on so, I'll just mention a few more tactics you can use. Placing newspaper ads, putting an ad on Craig's list, volunteer to be a guest speaker at one of your communities clubs or organizations.

It goes without saying that this works best if the group is somehow related to your product or group members are a part of your target market. It also works if these people are looking for a job or a way to make some money or they want to fire their boss.

I wish you nothing but the best in your pursuit of putting into action these 8 steps to multiplying website traffic with offline tactics and getting the attention of offline customers.

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