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Car Rental Tips

Make Your Reservation Early When you book early, you will save. Yes, it's really that simple. The closer it is to their date, the higher rental car prices will be. Therefore, get an early start, and you'll be able to keep more money in your wallet. As an added bonus, rental car companies commonly offer special discounts and offers for making an earlier reservation.

Handle It Online There's no easier way to book a rental car than doing it online. If you've had a bad experience booking a rental car through an agent or over the phone, you will be happy to know that this won't be the case when you take care of your reservation online. And not only is it convenient to book your rental car online, but it's also very efficient.

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Compare, Compare, Compare Another benefit of booking online is that it allows you to use price comparison websites. By comparing the prices that are being offered by different rental car companies, you will able to see which one has the best rate for the type of vehicle that you want to reserve. This information will obviously be very helpful in allowing you to save money.

Save with Small As a rule of thumb, the smaller the vehicle class, the cheaper it will be. Therefore, unless you have a need for a specific size of vehicle, you can save the most money by booking a small rental car. And, not only will it's rate be lower, but a small car will require less gas than a larger vehicle.

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