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Elevator Pitch: 3 Vital Ingredients For A Powerful Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is an essential tool in your networking toolkit. When crafted skillfully it can be a powerful asset that will enable you to get the attention of the right people in any business setting.Here are 3 key ingredients to a powerful and effective elevator pitch.

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1) Brevity

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "brevity," is defined as, "Concise and exact use of words in writing or speech."Its root is linked to the word, "brief."What this means in networkingterms is that your elevator needs to be short, to the point and easy to understand. Long words and fancy acronyms will do wonders for your ego, and they will also confuse the greater majority of your listeners.And if your elevator pitch is confusing to your listeners, they won't remember it or, indeed, you! So keep it short, to the point and rich in simple keywords that are easy to remember.

2) Attention Grabbing

Remember, your purpose in networking is to find and connect with the right people for your business. These might be potential customers, potential collaborative or joint venture partners or they may simply be people who are connected to other business owners who are your potential customers or partners. You want to grab the attention of such ones.How do you do this? Quite simply by delivering your elevator pitch in a confident and coherent manner, including the right keywords that will act as triggers to bring you front of mind whenever they hear those keywords.Also, describing a problem that is common to your customers and the solution you provide in such a way that it touches your listeners on a very personal level will surely grab their attention.

3) Call To Action

As you finish your elevator pitch, do so with a call to action. What this means is tell your listeners what you want them to do. Do you want them to come speak to you at the end of the meeting? Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to put you in contact with a particular person or company? Whatever it is, tell them.

An Example Of A Brief, Attention Grabbing Elevator Pitch, Finishing With A Call To Action

Here's an example of an elevator pitch that includes these 3 key ingredients:"Hello, I'm Jae from Business Abundance Club. If you're a business owner who finds networking a challenge; if you want better results from your networking endeavours; then we can teach you how to achieve the results you want from your networking efforts. Come and speak to me to find out how we can help you."The above elevator pitch contains just 55 words and takes me about 20 seconds to deliver, speaking at a steady pace. It is brief and the words have been chosen specifically to convey a common problem with business owners that achieving the results they desire from networking is a challenge and the solution we offer training to network more effectively. And this will grab the attention of business owners who are, perhaps, struggling to achieve any real results from their networking efforts.You may have noticed that I included the word, "networking" 3 times. I've done this purposely to implant that word in their minds as a trigger to bring me front of mind when they're talking about networking.And finally, I included a call to action I want them to come and speak to me, so that I may provide them the help they desire.

What Other Ingredients Do You Need For Your Elevator Pitch?

The above are 3 vital ingredients to make your elevator pitch powerful and effective. And, of course, there are many other ingredients that can be included in a powerful elevator pitch. What ingredients do you consider to be essential for an effective and powerful elevator pitch? Please share your suggestions and thoughts below.

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