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An Excellent Subject and Several Things to Consider

Capsiplex is a diet pill and a fat burner that has received a lot of media attention and sold out in 3 days after it's first launch. Over 50,000 packs we're sold almost instantly. This only shows how great this product is.

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The secret behind Capsiplex is Capsicum the hot thing found in capsicum peppers or chilli peppers. Capsicum increases body temperature which in turn boosts your body's metabolism so it works faster, even in resting state.

Now your body burns more calories than it did before. On average you will burn an extra 278 calories per day just by taking this one pill. That is the same as running 3 miles or not eating a hot dog.

How Does Capsiplex Work?

Chilli peppers have been a known ingredient in many weight loss management drugs for a long time, however it is difficult to deliver them to the system. You couldn't possibly eat plain chillies as a part of your weight loss plan.

Capsiplex has solved this issue by hiding the capsicum extract deep in the core of the capsule. The outer layers of the pill doesn't contain capsicum and doesn't irritate your mouth or digestive system.

The power of the capsicum is only released when it has reached the intestine, where you can't even feel it. Here is how it works:

Metabolism Booster Burn 278 Extra Calories per Day

Due to the thermogenic effect, Capsiplex raises your body temperature, which makes you burn fat faster. Studies showed that, on average, it helps you burn 278 calories more each day.

The study revealed that subjects burned 3 times more calories before working out, 3% more while working out and 12 times more calories one hour after working out. That alone equals 2 lbs. weight loss per month without doing anything else.

Appetite Suppression

Since you are no longer hungry, you have no need to snack between meals or indulge in junk food late at night.

This will significantly lower your calorie intake, resulting in more weight loss.

More Energy

You will not feel tired, instead you will have all the energy to do your daily tasks and more. Working out and being active becomes much easier, again helping you to burn those calories faster.

Capsiplex works only thanks to it's formula, which we will take a look at next.

Capsiplex Ingredients

Capsiplex only has four ingredients, which doesn't make it any less effective.

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum Extract gives the pill it's fat burning powers. It increases metabolism, reduces appetite, burns calories and reduces your body fat. It also helps to turn calories into heat and energy instead of fat.

The contents of the pills is only released once it has reached the perfect place in your digestive system so you don't feel any burning or discomfort.


Caffeine is known to give energy, increase fat oxidation and improve your concentration and alertness. Thanks to caffeine you can work out longer and more often, resulting in weight loss.


Piperine helps the other nutrients in the formula to absorb better. It also lowers glucuronic acid production, which means the active ingredients will stay in the body for a longer time working their magic.

When without Piperine, the other substances would only be marginally effective, now they are using their maximum powers to help you she'd those extra pounds.

Niacin or Vitamin B3

Niacin or Vitamin B3 releases energy from fats, proteins and carbs, helping your body to use them efficiently. It also lowers cholesterol levels and reduces inflammatory processes.

Niacin deficiency may result in slow metabolism, but by taking the supplement, your metabolic processes work faster and your body starts burning more calories.

Capsiplex Plus

Next to the original Capsiplex pills, you can now take advantage of their new formula Capsiplex Plus.

The ingredients in Capsiplex Plus include everything that the original pills do, but they have also added 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) which helps to increase serotonin levels. This results in better mood, better sleep, less anxiety and appetite.

It also has control over carbohydrates, not allowing them to turn into fats easily.

What Kind of Results Should You Expect?

Capsiplex is one of the most popular diet pills out there, after selling out 50,000 packs, they still remain popular among people like us and celebrities alike.

There are thousands of customer reviews posted on the internet and on Capsiplex's own website. Just look at the before and after pictures to see the kind of impact this pill has made on peoples lives.

Of course, results are highly individual, but the 278 extra calories per day plus reduced appetite have resulted in a 1-3 lbs. weight loss per week on average.

Capsiplex doesn't have any side effects, it is safe to take and won't cause any health problems. You can expect to experience increased metabolism, improved mood and memory, better sleep and reduced appetite.

Where to Buy Capsiplex?

The right place to buy Capsiplex is through their official website. Only there you can make sure you get the best price and the best quality product. The pills can be shipped worldwide and delivered in discreet packaging, you can buy them in a safe and secure environment.

My Conclusion

If you are serious about your weight loss, join the 50,000+ happy customers and buy Capsiplex or Capsiplex Plus which will give a boost to your weight loss efforts.

Remember to also include healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle to maximize the effects of this great fat burner.

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