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Gamification, a tool that can be utilized for good or bad

I definitely think Gamification is a tool that can be utilized for good or bad, but in this current, flash-pan evolutionary stage, it seems most useful for business, work and marketing. I definitely viewed Sight with a Dystopian bias.

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For me Gamification is the rewards found in games being slapped onto something to encourage, promote or enhance. This is not a bad thing in itself, but it also may not be the best road to travel down. One reason I feel this way is because I'm not a huge fan of the use of these reward systems in current gaming to begin with, let alone being utilized outside the gaming industry to improve Education.

In some MMORPGs, the aspects that would translate to gamified features are features I don't mind, if utilized within the whole to create an overall good game, but I see it, pessimistically, being used as baiting tactics on top of lazy game design. On good game design it's fine. It's like putting icing on a cake. I don't want a one inch thick chocolate cake with 6 inches of icing on top. I don't care how shiny the rewards are, the game(the cake) has to be good and it can't be made good by gamifying it. It has to have a collection of ingredients, all mixed in the right proportions and the gamified-icing does taste "yummy", but it cannot make up for a lack in the cake or for less cake.

Dystopian view of Gamification

The video also showcases a lot of everyday life, enhanced by the Sight brain ware. Some of it, like chopping the cucumbers, with a chef-master aid may be considered mundane. Other parts like the date, may be hard for people with poorer social skills.

I think what we have here is a look at potential slacking of our own innate abilities or backing-off from learning to absorb knowledge , not just facts , to actually develop know-how . The chef aid helps you chop a cucumber. If you really have trouble chopping a cucumber, then fine, use it. It's an on-the-surface aid that I don't see being much different that a color by number coloring book, but we learn know-how and develop past coloring by number as an educational animal.

This is an extension of what is talked about in a book called Plato and the Internet by Kieron O'hara, where it is argued, using Plato's philosophies, that we have information at our fingertips now. Anyone can dredge up any facts they want in seconds to win arguments, cook recipes and so on. What we are missing and possibly losing is know-how. If we only see a fact for what it is and apply it in a 1:1 ratio to a specific problem, we aren't necessarily absorbing that data.

A mathematician could be a professional pool player, because he or she understands angles, speed and other mathematical concepts and has the know-how to apply that to many areas of his or her life. A possible, negative bi product of Gamification that I see in swimming all through this film is that we stop absorbing. When Sight goes down, will the main character be able to cut that cucumber? Will he be able to pick out his own clothes based on color matching? Will he have even learned concepts of ethics and morals about how to treat women?

Maybe he will. Gamification isn't excluding the possibility, but it's not triggering deeper meaning and not always prompting people to absorb and learn from it. It's letting the person alone more on relying on their own merits without even prompting.

Gamification can be good and technology and gaming is changing so rapidly, even right now. Good reasons for utilizing Gamification could come from this, but I personally see more potential in Metagaming and Emergent Gamplay right now.

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