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It was a grey day when I pulled up outside my husband's workplace....

It was a grey day when I pulled up outside my husband's workplace. I pulled out my phone and sent the message 'I'm outside'.

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'I'm in Starbucks' came the reply 'Come and meet me here'. I thought the message was a little odd, considering we had arranged to meet outside his work at 5pm, but hey, I love a caramel lattelike nobody's business, so off the girls and I drove.

We sat in the car and rain started to fall on the windscreen. 'Guess what happened to me today?' Rob said.

'You lost your job?' I joked.

There was a little silence that hung in the air.

My husband had lost his job. It was completely unexpected.

I actually felt like someone had died. I woke up each day for the next week with a sick, nervous feeling in my stomach. It wasn't that I was fearful, just that we we're completely in shock. Wehadn't planned; ormade plans; for this to happen.

We went on holiday, a mini break to gorgeous Cornwall. It was the perfect antidote.

We watched the sun rise every morning over the ocean with pastries and long coffees, together with chats about our future. We wrote our names in the sand and realised thatnothing is everlasting. We walked through cool streets, ate pizza in our hotel room, and felt warmed. Istria collected blue shells on the beach and we collected memories.

Two weeks later I left the company that I had co-founded, Flourish & Prosper. (Read more about that here). As I did so a little voice in my head said to me that I was leaving a company that could quite possibly replace my husband's salary.

I ignored that voice.

Together my husband and I held hands anddecided to take the leap into business together. We decided that the business I had laid foundations with five years ago,my very first business, we're strong enough to support us both. We could make it happen, by the grace of God we could! You don't ever need to rely on anyone else to achieve your dreams. You can go your own way.

Rob decided, probably for the first time, to do something really, really scary for him. Completely out of his comfort zone. Like most of us, he regards having an employer as a part and parcel of life. The regular wage check is a place of security and comfort. And (at least for now) he has decided to leave all that for a step into the unknown.

Rob is now my Operations Manager- he is learning WordPress and a zillion other skills that have taken me five years to learn, at a rate of knots. I'm so proud of him! Please do say hi to him (he will have his own Twitter very shortly) and wish him luck.

We don't know what the future holds for us. Many, many things could happen. But right now we are taking a deep breath and trusting that, at least for this point in time, we are trusting that we are where we are supposed to be. If you don't try, you'll never know.

By turn, I am overwhelmed with excitement tinged with anxiety. I had always planned for my business to be successful, but not in my wildest dreams had I expected- or created- it to support all 4 of us. Except that, right this second;somehow, magically, it is.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to read more in part 2. I'll be telling you about therealdifference this has made to our life.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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