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Winter Operations

Operation reminders and suggestions to keep your tank in peak condition during our harsh Canadian winters.

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When you invest in a tank from Greatario, you have selected a tank that requires the lowest maintenance of any tank available today.

However, even with the highest quality of glass-fused-to-steel coatings, it is recommended that certain operational procedures be followed as a good preventative maintenance policy. Following these procedures, as outlined by Greatario Services, can help extend the life of your tank and ensure it operates at its expected level of performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why change operations in the winter?

There are a few main reasons to adjust water levels and settings in your tank during the winter months.

  • Ice build-up can reduce the amount of usable water in the tank, restricting available water to the community or for fire protection.
  • Ice can damage internal components like ladders, piping, sensors and more.
  • Top layer ice formations can create a vacuum effect in the tank OR
  • Ice can form on the sidewalls as water levels fluctuate creating rings that can accumulate and come in contact with, and damage, the roof. 

Following basic Winter Operation procedures can greatly reduce or eliminate problems with ice formation in most tanks. 

what are the recommended high and low water levels?

Greatario Service recommends reducing Winter Operating Water Levels by 3 meters from your normal operating level.

If this reduction will negatively impact your necessary water storage, water turn-over ratio or pressure requirements; we offer mechanical solutions to help mitigate ice formation. These solutions include tank heaters, mixers and insulation/cladding options which can be designed to fit a variety of budgets. 

Is there a recommended daily water turn-over rate?

The best mitigation for ice formation is proper turn-over of the water inside the tank. 

We recommend, at least,  30% turn-over PER DAY to help  mitigate ice formation.

When adequate turn-over is not possible, we offer mechanical solutions to help including tank heaters, mixers and insulation/cladding options. 

Are visual inspections helpful?

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND the tank be inspected visually for ice formation, through the roof hatch 2 times per month during the first winter of operation. 

If excessive ice build-up is noticed, tank operation levels may need to be modified and Greatario Services contacted for possible next steps. 

Our tank has ice! Now what??

If ice is forming in the tank, it may be time to add a mechanical solution. This  could include adding a tank heater and/or mixing system (active or passive) or insulating and cladding the tank.

These steps can usually be completed while the tank remains in operation.

Contact our Service Team for more details.

trust the pro's

  • GREATARIO has been building bolted steel storage tanks for nearly 35 years!
  • Our team of Service Tech’s inspect over 100 tanks annually!
  • Our Inspectors are NACE Certified in Cathodic Protection testing and coating inspection.
  • Storage tanks are your most valuable community asset and we always follow AWWA disinfection procedures during inspections.

Our team inspects over 100 tanks per year – we understand liquid storage tanks from the inside out and we are backed by 35 years in the tank industry. Ask me how we can create custom 10, 20 or 50 year operation and maintenance plans for your tank. 

Scott Plant

Greatario Service Manager

Learn more about our Water Quality solutions including tank heaters, mixers and insulation / cladding options. 
Electric Potable Storage Tank Mixer

tank Mixers

We offer Active or Passive Potable water mixing systems for a variety of applications and tank styles. Most solutions can be installed while your tank remains online and operational!

Insulation & Cladding

Depending on prevailing winds, sun exposure and other factors; it is necessary to wrap the tank in insulation and cladding. This process can be completed during or after construction of the tank. 

tank heaters

A heater can be installed in the tank to help regulate water temperature. In some instances a heater works in conjunction with a tank mixer to mitigate ice build-up.

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