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Brant County Potable Water

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Brant County


Brantford, Ontario

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This interesting project was a partnership between Greatario and Landmark Structures. The custom orange and white checkerboard pattern panels were required by NAV CANADA because the tower is located adjacent to an airport! At 16m round and 9m tall, it can store up to 1.6million liters of water, for the growing local community. Depending on future demand, the tank can be expanded, increasing capacity to 2.2million liters of water. Expansion is relatively easy as the tank is constructed starting from the top with the geodesic dome roof and then bolting and sealing the top-most ring of glass-fused-to-steel panels into place. A series of specially designed jacks then raise the structure so subsequent panel rings can be similarly bolted and sealed. This unique installation process allows for rapid construction in a very small footprint (like on top of a concrete pedestal!). The glass-fused-to-steel panels require minimal service over their lifetime. There is no worry about faded coating (no repainting!) and only predictive maintenance to ensure peak operation for years to come.
Thanks to Landmark Structures for including us in this unique project!

  • Build CET Potable Water Tower near airport
  • Ensure minimal lifetime maintenance requirement
  • Provide expandable tank solution
  • Glass-fused-to-steel , minimal maintenance panels
  • Custom colored panels per NAV Canada requirements to be built close to airport

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