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Friday Harbour


Innisfil, Ontario

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Located along the shores of Lake Simcoe just north of Toronto, Ontario is the premier waterfront community of Friday Harbour. The community is a year-round resort covering 600 acres featuring natural aesthetics and amenities vacationers are looking for. The design of the resort has been carefully studied to compliment the natural surroundings while still providing the luxuries of an exclusive resort property. Details we so carefully considered that even the required water storage facility was modified to resemble a lighthouse. Greatario was chosen to supply the tank for this project. A concrete base, with patterning to resemble brick stack, provides the foundation for the tank. The circular rings of the tank are color patterned to resemble a lighthouse.

These glass-fused-to-steel panels were manufactured with the Friday Harbour corporate blue/grey color fused into the glass. An observation platform was constructed on top of the tank and a circular, access staircase surrounds the tank. With an overall height of almost 46 meters, the stair and observation platform offer striking views of the resort. Overall capacity of the tank is 3,698m3 which ensures water supply for the development and parts of the local Innisfil community. The Greatario team worked closely with developers and engineers to ensure every detail was addressed as the project progressed.

  • Design and build water storage tank to resemble lighthouse
  • Supply water for local resort and surrounding community
  • Provide striking landmark while complimenting natural area

• Unique blue/grey color factory fused into glass panel coatings
• Surrounding circular access stairway around outside of tank
• Possibility of expansion in future if storage needs increase

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