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Mixing Systems

Functional and protective mixing systems

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A range of mixing systems for your unique application.

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Passive Mixing Systems

A passive mixing system requires no additional energy source, and since it is housed completely within the reservoir, requires no additional external piping runs or tank penetrations.

  • Eliminates short-circuiting, ensuring complete turnover of water.
  • Increases the jet velocity of the influent, ensures contents remain in a completely mixed state.
  • Individually designed allowing for adjustment of the inlets and outlets reducing dead zones.
Liquid Storage Tank Passive Mixing System

Electric Mixing Systems

Thoroughly mixing potable water storage tanks ensures uniform water age and distribution of disinfectants. Well-mixed tanks consume less disinfectant, produce fewer disinfection by-products and eliminate the need for energy intensive and costly deep-cycling or flushing.

  • Promotes process temperature control.
  • Reduces nitrification in chloraminated systems.
  • Increases contact time in clearwell.
  • Can be installed while tank is online.
Electric Potable Storage Tank Mixer

Hydraulic Mixing Systems

The JDV Hydraulic Mixing System features a unique double nozzle design which allows for even energy distribution. This process optimizes solids suspension and contact to promote efficiency in a wide range of wastewater and bio-fuels applications.

Hydraulic Mixing System

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